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  • Losing Our Religion? Religious Diversity in a Secular Era


    On October 16, renowned sociologist Jose Casanova of the Berkley Center's Program on Globalization, Religion and the Secular at Georgetown University spoke about his research on current global trends of diversity and secularization to a crowd of faculty, graduate students, and members of the public. 

  • Shining New Light on The Star of Redemption

    Erlewine Snipit

    On September 29, Robert Erlewine presented his analysis of the work of German-Jewish thinker Franz Rosenzweig, author of The Star of Redemption (1921). Through his examination of Rosenzweig’s attitudes toward Christianity and Islam, Erlewine explored the representation of the Abrahamic religions in modern Jewish thought.

  • Islamic Feminism in Kuwait

    Gonzalez and Ecklund

    On April 22, Alessandra González, a Rice alumna, spoke to a crowd of fifty on the topic of Islamic Feminism in Kuwait. Drawing from her book, Islamic Feminism in Kuwait: The Politics and Paradoxes, she discussed the relationship between tolerance, Islam, and gender.
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  • A Course for the Houston Community

    Glasscock Course

    The Boniuk Institute will co-sponsor a course in the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies.  Boniuk Institute Directors will co-teach the course  Religious Diversity and Understanding in Today’s World.

  • IntraReligious Tolerance and Beyond


    The Boniuk Institute announces a new course for Fall 2014 that will explore religious tolerance within various religious traditions. IntraReligious Tolerance and Beyond (RELI214) will explore different historical religions and the models of inclusivity and pluralism that these religions have promoted.  The course will explore the dialogue of religious tolerance and the need to move to religious pluralism in a global community.

  • Peaceful Coexistence in Africa

    Professor Mbaku

    On March 28th, the Boniuk Institute hosted Professor John Mukum Mbaku from Weber State University to host a lecture on religious conflicts within Africa. His lecture focused on the institutional mechanisms necessary to bring about peaceful coexistence between different religious groups in the African continent.

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  • Embracing Tolerance Essay Contest Essay Video

    The aim of the Embracing Tolerance Essay Contest is to help students improve religious literacy, build mutual understanding, and develop interfaith collaboration with and among their peers. We invite students from all faith traditions and spiritual and secular communities to speak their minds and share their visions for a religiously tolerant world in the 21st century.

  • Translating Gandhi for the 21st Century

    Lawson Audience

    On November 3, famed civil rights leader and nonviolent strategist the Rev. James Lawson spoke at Riverside United Methodist Church on how Gandhi’s methodology of nonviolence applies in the 21st century. The event was co-sponsored by the Boniuk Institute, The Menil Collection, Project Row Houses, and Riverside United Methodist Church.

  • The God Box: A Compelling Statement on Religious Tolerance Through Humor

    The God Box

    On September 12, Antonia Lassar performed her one-woman show The God Box at Rice University. A host of characters (all played by Lassar) challenge the audience to reconsider the meaning of faith in our multi-faith world.